Ranch Hand Bale Processors

Kramer Manufacturing offers two models of the Ranch Hand Bale Processor. The Ranch Hand Bale Processor is offered in a four bale and a six bale model to meet your needs. Ranch Hand Bale Processors are ideal for all feeding needs, whether you are range feeding, laying windrows, bedding or bunk feeding our bale processors perfect for you.

Ranch Hand Bale Movers

Kramer Manufacturing offers two models of their Ranch Hand Bale Mover. We offer a ten ton mover and also a fifteen ton mover. Kramer Ranch Hand Stack Movers are power take off driven. Because of the gearbox drive we time the bed chains with the reverse of your tractor. The hydraulic cylinder shifts in forward and also in reverse.

Ranch Hand Bale Retrievers

Whether you have an alfalfa field, hay meadow or field full of corn stalks, Kramer’s bale retrievers allow you to retrieve bales quickly and efficiently in a one man operation without damaging your net wrap or twine.