Ranch Hand Bale Processors

Kramer Manufacturing offers two models of the Ranch Hand Bale Processor. The Ranch Hand Bale Processor is offered in a four bale and a six bale model to meet your needs. Ranch Hand Bale Processors are ideal for all feeding needs, whether you are range feeding, laying windrows, bedding or bunk feeding our bale processors perfect for you.

The processor is designed to leave uniform processed windrows reducing contamination and trampling to your feed. Our processors remove dirt, mildew and mold during the grinding stage leaving you with a cleaner, better quality of feed ultimately keeping your livestock healthy.

The Ranch Hand Bale Processor makes lesser quality of feed more palatable for your livestock. We mount the latest Haybuster 2660 and 2665 mounted on a heavy rectangular tube frame. The tilting bed allows for easy loading, and can carry four or six bales. Bales are conveyed straight into the grinder without dropping them in saving wear on your processor. Kramer Manufacturing uses a heavy frame and trussed torque to ensure our customers are getting the most durable processor on the market.


  • Haybuster 2660/2665 Cutting Unit
  • Right side Discharge
  • Heavy Duty Flails
  • High Speed Rotor
  • Easily Adjustable Slug Bars
  • Oil Bath Chain Case
  • Dual Oscillating Tandem Axles
  • 3 Chain Slat Conveyor
  • Rotor Access Door
  • Three Live Beams with 2080H Chain
  • Inline P.T.O. Driveline
  • Easy Loading

Other Features:

  • Right Side Discharge provides the operator with better visibility to the output of feed. Tractor hydraulic controls are located on the right side; the right hand discharge makes it easy to look over your right shoulder and keep your hand on the tractor controls reducing operator fatigue.
  • Rotor Access Door provides quick and easy access to the rotor for routine inspections and twine removal.
  • Heavy Duty Flails and High Speed Rotor process both dry hay and silage bales.
  • Deflector is a one handed operation. The latch requires only one hand because the torsion springs support the bulk of the deflector’s weight, allowing you to set the deflector to the desired position with very little effort. The optional hydraulic deflector allows the operator to set the deflector position directly from the tractor cab.
  • Haybuster Rugged Oil Bath Chain Case to reverse the direction of the P.T.O., increasing the speed and efficiency of the rotor by 20% to improve processing in all conditions.
  • Inline P.T.O. Driveline provides vibration free turns. The hinged P.T.O. shield allows for easy maintenance. The inline P.T.O. is available Standard P.T.O. configuration.
  • Adjustable Slug Bars are easily adjustable from a single point. The Slug bar adjustment alters the amount of the rotor exposed to the hay, and is adjustable based on the type of hay, moisture content of the hay and the coarseness/fineness of the cut desired.
  • Dual Oscillating Tandem Axles allow for smooth travel and even loads over the roughest terrain.
  • Haybuster Patented Shredder Chamber with Adjustable Slug Bars and 3 Chain Slat Conveyor combined with heavy duty flails and high speed rotor, the shredder chamber will process bales in any condition; wet, frozen, old, new or flattened bottoms. The conveyor is slanted so it helps feed the hay/straw into the rotor.